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What is it ?
It is a system of roofing & cladding to improve and renovate an existing building.

2. Advantages of the system.
a. Little or no disruption to occupants or the process within the building.
b. No waste removal or disposal problems
c. No internal scaffolding.
d. No loss of production.
e. No open roofs.

3. Over what can the system be fixed?
a. Slates.
b. Asbestos.
c. Asphalt.
d. Corrugated Iron.
e. Felt.

4. Have the existing structure checked by an engineer to see if the existing structure will take the additional weight.

5. Low pitch roofs less than 3 degrees use a standing seam system..

6. Reasons for using this system:
a. To waterproof troublesome roofs.
b. To halt corrosion.
c. To improve external appearance
d. To add or improve thermal insulation.

7. Financial rewards in using the system:
a. By adding or improving insulation the average pay back period is approximately 5 years.
b. Adds value to the property.
c. In the event of rented property more clients will be inclined to rent a decent looking building rather than run down ones.

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